About me


Hi and thanks for checking out my blog!

My name is Kristen, aka Jaguatirica. I am originally from the RVA, but since 2009 have uprooted to create a new life in southern Germany. I love anything dealing with yoga, cooking and gardening, and have an affinity for all things Mexican. While I have spent the past few years teaching English as a foreign language, I am now focusing on teaching yoga, which in its own right is a language of its own–one that allows you to have a serious conversation with yourself.

When I am not on my mat or in front of a whiteboard I am either jogging, biking with a toddler in tow or practicing the art of Capoeira. I have a BA in Spanish from Virginia Commonwealth University, speak German and I am learning Italian. In the near future I hope to combine my language, teaching and yoga skills, with some Capoeira elements to open my own studio for language and sports. Until then, I am enjoying the ride, wherever it takes me!

This blog is designed to help me to document, organize and share what I am learning on my path towards a more yogic life, and to spread the word about events and classes that I am teaching.



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